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B-Side Launch Event Sessions

Tim Ross, Tenitra Michelle Williams, Jeremy Anderson, Michael Todd, Tasha Cobb

Relive the HISTORIC B-Side Launch Event through these honest, open, and intimate conversations!

B-Side Atlanta Sessions

Tim Ross, Lecrae, Tenitra Michelle Williams

What happens when Lecrae, Tim Ross, & Michelle Williams meet up for a convo in ATL? Check out this conversation to find out!

Empowering Stories of Resilience and Self-Acceptance

Myesha Chaney

Myesha's journey encompasses unexpected loss, childhood insecurities, rest, shame, friendship, COVID, weight loss, and the uplifting power of positive words.

Embracing Forgiveness, Grace, and a Fresh Start in Life

Leslie Kristina Garcia

Forgiveness and grace are essential to a fresh start in life. To our benefit, God is really good giving us both.

Embracing God's Timing: Letting Go of Comparison

Dawan Hill

DaWan's reflections depict her journey from perfectionism to humility, urging viewers to embrace God's plan and find acceptance in Christ.

Trusting in the Lord's Surprising Invitations

Katy Kazadi

Encounters with hope, trusting the Lord in sudden changes, finding courage with God's support, embracing real pain, unexpected divine outcomes, faith in adversity, and discovering purpose in unlikely places.

Musings on Life, Faith, and Humor

Noah Herrin

This engaging conversation balances humor and wisdom to underscore the significance of faith, trusting in God, and the profound value of a relationship with Him when facing life's challenges.

Finding God in the Storm: His Unwavering Presence

Will Wilson Jr.

Winning by stepping aside, trusting God's fatherly love, the power of focus, cleansing our minds, living in the moment, finding courage, taming our words, facing storms with God, unexpected love, and connecting to God's accessibility.

From Stardom to Self-Discovery: Gerardo Mejía's Hollywood Experience

Gerardo Mejía

Gerardo's Hollywood journey as a Latino artist explores the challenges of racism, the significance of choosing the right people in one's life, overcoming the dark side of the industry, personal growth through confession and healing, and navigating the pain of infidelity in marriage while drawing on scripture for insights on forgiveness.

Darren Woodson's Life Lessons: Finding Lasting Truth After the Super Bowl

Darren Woodson

Insights on cherishing meaningful moments, aligning with core values, handling the uncontrollable, finding comfort in faith during tough times, and the significance of true friendships.

Finding Joy in the Imperfections: God's Unconditional Love

Toni Collier

Toni's conversation reveals the transformative power of embracing one's true self, while sharing relatable life lessons and experiences.

Tragedy Strikes: A Journey of Faith, Recovery, and Purpose

Albus Brooks

Overcoming a career-ending injury with faith, finding a greater purpose, relying on God in tough times, running for city council with confidence, and learning from a Bible verse after an election loss, leading to a fulfilling role as a ministry counselor.

Embracing Rest in a Hustle Culture

Brian Bullock

Brian's journey delves into contentment, faith testing, life's priorities, finding hope in scripture, understanding identity, facing challenging dreams, God's love, personal struggles, and the power of focus to overcome adversity and bullying.

A Stand-Up Encounter: Meeting with Jesus

Michael Jr

Get ready to laugh, cry, and learn as Michael Jr. shares his journey meeting Jesus.

From Homelessness to Inspiration

Onterio Green

Discover the incredible story of resilience and power of the human spirit as one individual rises from homelessness to inspire us all.

Breaking Free from the Past: Joshua Broome's Path to Healing

Joshua Broome

Joshua's transformation from the adult film industry to faith highlights the power of pivotal moments, like meeting his wife, addressing shame, and discovering redemption through obedience, forgiveness, and God's paternal love.

Navigating Disappointment and Dark Moments

Manny Arango

Dark moments can feel pretty heavy. But they're a part of life. We discover our ability to adapt through these.

Stories of Forgiveness, Miracles, and Kindness

Rashawn Copeland

From prison, to forgiviness and faith, Rashawn's incredible journey has a ton offer that we can apply to our own lives.

True Happiness Unveiled: A Countercultural Journey

Yana Conner

Overcoming betrayal and pain, learning from mistakes, seeking true happiness through countercultural means, finding love from loneliness, navigating loss, and discovering God's sufficiency in life.

Transforming Self-Hatred: A Journey to Self-Acceptance

Kirsten Haglund

Kirsten's journey from body image struggles to divine intervention, facing pressure and burnout, understanding God's will, and finding the true meaning of "your body is a temple."

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