Navigating Anxiety

How Philippians 4 Helped Me Fight My Battle

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Yana Conner

5 Course Chapters

20-minute Course

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How Philippians 4 Helped Me Fight My Battle

In this 5 segment course, you will empower yourself with the Biblical understanding to address the challenges of anxiety - The Lord is near to those who are Anxious - Paul gives a prayer when you are anxious - Practical ways to counteract anxiety - Biblical thoughts for the anxious - Anxious acceptance from the Bible.

What you will learn:

How to Pray for Awareness of the Lord’s Presence in Your Life

How to Use Prayer as a Tool to Navigate Anxiety

How Being Thankful Can Counteract Anxious Thoughts

How to Meditate on Truth

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Course Chapters

5 sections • 5 chapters • 20 minutes

Navigating Anxiety - Philippians 4:5

4 minutes

The Lord is Near to the Anxious


Navigating Anxiety - Philippians 4:6

3 minutes

Prayer for the Anxious


Navigating Anxiety - Philippians 4:6b

3 minutes

Counteracting Anxiety


Navigating Anxiety - Philippians 4:8-9

4 minutes

Thoughts for the Anxious


Navigating Anxiety - Philippians 4:11-12

3 minutes

Anxious Acceptance


Your guide, Yana Conner

Writer | Bible Teacher
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