Uncovering the Mysteries of God

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Leslie Kristina Garcia

7 Course Chapters

1-hour Course

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Who is God? Many of us have a fragmented image and understanding of God and this causes us to distrust Him. Instead of believing that God is gracious, good, just, or merciful, we assume God is mean, judgmental, angry, egotistical, and unfair. So how do we come to know who God really is? Through His Word.

The Bible is the actual Word of God. It is what He wanted to reveal about Himself to us, His creation. In this course, we will dig into scripture to discover who the God of the Bible is.

What you will learn:

That Through a Better Understanding of Who God Is, Our Faith Grows

Who God Is Through the Exploration of His Word

About These Divine Attributes of God: His Sovereignty, Holiness, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience and Trinitarian Personhood

Course Chapters

1 sections • 7 chapters • 1 hour

The Divine Attributes

1 hour

Course Introduction


God is Sovereign


God is Holy


God is Omnipotent


God is Omnipresent and Omniscient


God is Three in One




Your guide, Leslie Kristina Garcia

Theological Student | Ministry Laborer
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