Recovery From Addiction

How God Helped Me Overcome Crystal Meth

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CB Barthlow

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How God Helped Me Overcome Crystal Meth

This course is for anyone who struggles with addictions and for those who have loved ones who are on the journey of recovery. CB talks about the best way he has learn how to walk out of addiction and to see this process of recovery through God’s eyes.

In four sessions you will learn about how the rock bottom of addiction is actually a gift of desperation. Secondly, CB walks with us in our recovery journey to encourage us with the truth that God can do what you can’t. Most importantly, this course guides us on what to do when you relapse into your addiction. And finally, CB lifts you up when you have fallen.

CB Barthlow is the lead pastor of Beacon Church in Denver, Colorado. After a life of addiction and failure, CB came back to his childhood faith at the age of 30. CB has served in the local church across various ministries including worship, prison evangelism, homeless outreach and young adults. In 2018 CB set out to follow God’s call to plant a church in the city he once suffered in. Beacon was birthed out of much prayer and an earnest desire to lead the lost, the broken and the hopeless of Denver, to become light-bearers in our city on a hill. Both CB and his wife Shannel have a passion to help people from all walks of life develop a deeper relationship with Jesus. CB & Shannel live in Denver with their two sons.

What you will learn:

What to Do When You Are Overwhelmed by Your Recovery

Relapse Is a Part of Recovery But Not the End

How to See Your Recovery Through the Eyes of God

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Course Chapters

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Recovery from Addiction (bside)

24 minutes

The Gift of Desperation


God Is Greater


When You Fail, There's Grace


Drug Dreams


Your guide, CB Barthlow

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