Rebuilding Family After Separation

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CB Barthlow

5 Course Chapters

36-minute Course

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In this mini course, you will learn the power of God’s love to help you model before your children forgiveness and reconciliation. God’s forgiveness is a gift we give our children as an appeal for love’s sake.

CB explains about why God loves marriage and why God hates divorce. But God does not hate divorced people, He loves divorced people. This course will guide you in what you need to do after the divorce.

This course will walk through the struggle of divorce and give you the tools to grieve so that you can feel, heal and move on.

Learn how God loves your kids more than you do - and that He has chosen you to walk out your faith in the Lord before them.

What you will learn:

That, As a Single Parent, Your Life Is Filled With Teachable Moments For Your Children

Practical Ways to Co-Parent With a Spirit of Reconciliation for Love’s Sake

The Important Steps After Divorce on How to Grieve

Course Chapters

3 sections • 5 chapters • 36 minutes


12 minutes

Divorce: Part 1


Divorce: Part 2



12 minutes




11 minutes

Single-Parenting: Part 1


Single-Parenting: Part 2


Your guide, CB Barthlow

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