The Hidden Truths of Rahab

A Picture of the Gospel within the Old Testament

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Katy Kazadi

5 Course Chapters

35-minute Course

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A Picture of the Gospel within the Old Testament

This course gives insight to Rahab the Prostitute in the book of Joshua and her role in the fall of the fortified city of Jericho. Through five segments 1. How Rahab’s lie was an act of courage 2. How her story is about what God does while you are waiting on Him to act 3. Rahab being known as the prostitute was something that God will use to save all of us. 4. Have you ever been ostracized by the people you helped? 5. After a lifetime of BAD decisions, she made one GOOD decision that became her legacy

What you will learn:

How One Good Decision Changes Your Legacy

How a Lie Was an Act of Courage

How Rahab's Story Is About What God Does While You Are Waiting on Him To Act

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Course Chapters

1 sections • 5 chapters • 35 minutes

Rahab and the Nation of Israel

35 minutes

Faith Is a Risk


The Wait Proved the Faith


All Can Be Saved




One Decision Can Change Your Legacy


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