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The Scandal of Salvation

God's Plan for Mankind

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Leslie Kristina Garcia

9 Course Chapters

1-hour Course

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God's Plan for Mankind

There is NOTHING you could ever do to get right with God.

We could spend every single day for the rest of our lives trying to earn a position or place with God and we would fail. We are really starting this series off on a pretty depressing note. But the truth is this, we will never be able to get right with God on our own, but this is where God shows His nature and His grand redemptive plan for mankind; salvation.

What you will learn:

How God Has Moved Throughout Time and Worked Out His Plan for His People

About the Three Biblical Covenants: Abrahamic, Mosaic and Messianic

How God’s Plan for Salvation Reveals His Steadfast Love for Us

Course Chapters

1 sections • 9 chapters • 1 hour

The Scandal of Salvation: God's Plan for Mankind

1 hour

Course Introduction


The Fall & The Need for Salvation


The Covenants


The Mosaic Covenant


The Davidic Covenant


The Law


The Messiah






Your guide, Leslie Kristina Garcia

Theological Student | Ministry Laborer
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