God's Great Plan for Failures

A Character Study on Gideon

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CB Barthlow

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A Character Study on Gideon

Most people I know have gone through at least one season in life where they haven’t felt like a winner. It’s totally normal for humans to go through seasons where we frankly just feel like we’re losing in at least some area of life. CB vulnerably shares failures as a former drug addict and someone who’s lost a marriage, his children, his career and his friends, he admits that he knows what it’s like to feel a total failure. For those who feel like they have been living in a losing season marked more by failure than success, there is good news: God loves people who make mistakes and He’s got a great big plan for people who sometimes feel like failures. In this course, we’ll take a close look at the life of Gideon, a small man from a small tribe, amongst people in a bad season, and we’ll examine how the Lord uses Gideon, an unlikely hero, to change the course of an entire nation.

What you will learn:

How and When to Be Bold

Stand Your Ground

How to Break a Cycle of Broken Living

You Don’t Need an Entourage to Become Successful

What You See Is What You’re Called To

You Don’t Need an Entourage to Become Successful

How and When to Be Bold

Course Chapters

1 sections • 10 chapters • 1 hour

Gideon: God's Great Plan for Failures

1 hour

Introduction to Gideon


When It All Falls Down


From Zero to Hero


Here's Your Sign


The Contender


I Still Don't Get It


Less Is More


Worship Before the Win


This is How I Fight My Battles


Conclusion to Gideon


Your guide, CB Barthlow

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