The Book of Ruth

From Tragedy to Triumph

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Leslie Kristina Garcia

12 Course Chapters

1-hour Course

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From Tragedy to Triumph

In this course you will be guided by Leslie Garcia through one of the Bible’s most popular love stories. The story of Ruth is filled with the drama of a young widow who leaves her homeland to follow after her mother-in-law, Naomi. Through God’s providence and provision, Ruth’s acts of kindness and loyalty are rewarded by meeting her future husband. But the plot thickens as Leslie reveals how the Jewish customs require that she is “redeemed” by a member of her late husband’s family. In steps Boaz who becomes her “Kinsman Redeemer.” The Book of Ruth foreshadows the coming Messiah when she, a Moabite widow, becomes the great grandmother of King David.

What you will learn:

How the Providence and Provision of God Is Rewarded by Our Acts of Kindness and Loyalty

How the Book of Ruth Foreshadows the Redemption Story of Messiah Jesus

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Course Chapters

6 sections • 12 chapters • 1 hour

Introductions Are in Order

4 minutes

Ruth: From Tragedy to Triumph Introduction


Act One

19 minutes

Introduction & Overview


Prologue & Promise


Act Two

31 minutes

A New Beginning


Boaz, A Man of Integrity


Ruth’s Big Opportunity


Boaz’s Blessing


Act Three

13 minutes

The Scheme


The Turn of Favor


Act Four

12 minutes

The Proposal


God’s Blessing


Next Steps and a Heart-Felt Farewell

3 minutes

Ruth: From Tragedy to Triumph Outro


Your guide, Leslie Kristina Garcia

Theological Student | Ministry Laborer
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