Upset the World

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Tim Ross

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Tim Ross will literally turn your world upside down as he shares his experiences on how his life was and continues to be turned upside down through his relationship with Jesus. This course is based on Tim’s book also entitled Upset the World and is all about how God wants to use you to upset the lives of those around you so that He can intervene and transform people’s lives.

Tim invites you on a journey to explore what it would look like for you to partner with Him to first upset your life and then allow Him to work through you through His Holy Spirit. It will be a wild ride and your life will be forever changed as a result!

What you will learn:

That Upsetting the World Means Being Counter-Cultural

How the Holy Spirit Empowers You to Upset Others With His Wisdom, His Word and His Ways

What It Means to Upset the World Around You

To Become Comfortable Upsetting Other’s Lives by Sharing Jesus

The Difference Between Religiosity and Christianity

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Course Chapters

1 sections • 11 chapters • 1 hour

Cover to Cover

1 hour

What Does It Mean to Upset the World?


Upsetters Must Be Upset First


Upsetters Love People


Upsetters Need the Holy Spirit


Upsetters Aren’t in Control


Upsetters Aren’t Religious


Upsetters Do Good


Upsetters Love Life


Upsetters Disturb the Piece


Upsetters Get Used to Upsetting People


Upsetters Upset the World


Your guide, Tim Ross

International Speaker | Podcast Host
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