The Definitive Course on the Holy Spirit

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Tim Ross

18 Course Chapters

2-hour Course

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The Definitive Course on the Holy Spirit

This course of LED teaches how the Holy Spirit is Promised to the People, Power to the People, Power over Sin, Power to Live and Power for Ministry.

Tim addresses many of the misunderstanding and wrong teaching about the Holy Spirit. Learn how the function of the Holy Spirit is to lead you to all truth about God through Jesus Christs. In this course you will learn about how the Book of Acts is better entitled the book of Acts of the Holy Spirit through the apostles. Tim will teach you about the main miracle that took place in Jerusalem on Pentecost. Tim will show you how being led by the Holy Spirit will give you extraordinary boldness and courage to share with others about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He will take you through many passages in Acts and Paul’s letters that describe how to be led by the Holy Spirit with supernatural power that frees you from the bondage of sin and sinful lifestyle by choosing to eat the right fruit. Tim will take the time to discuss each and every gift of the Holy Spirit that is listed in the Bible. This course will empower you to apply the power of the Holy Spirit to bless your life so that you can become a blessing to others.

What you will learn:

How to Become a Person Who Is Led by the Holy Spirit

The Other Names Associated With the Holy Spirit

How the Holy Spirit Is an Advocate

How Every Believer Has Access to the Power of the Holy Spirit to Overcome Sin

About How the Power of the Holy Spirit Can Help You Face Any Situation in Your Life

Course Trailer

Course Chapters

6 sections • 18 chapters • 2 hours

LED Introduction

5 minutes

LED Introduction


Promise to the People

28 minutes

The Promise to the People


He IS the Holy Spirit


He Leads Into ALL Truth


Acts 4:1-31 - Courage


Power to the People

46 minutes

Power to the People


Acts 2:1-41 - Pentecost


Acts 3:1-26 - Healings


The Holy Spirit Empowers Us With Power


Power Over Sin

29 minutes

Power Over Sin


Jesus’ Power to Break the Power of Sin


You Choose Who Leads You


Power Over Life

20 minutes

Power to Live


Eat the Fruit!


Power For Ministry

25 minutes

Power For Ministry


Who Are You Helping?


Are You Helping Here?


LED Conclusion


Your guide, Tim Ross

International Speaker | Podcast Host
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