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There Is Still Joy in Pain: A Walk Through the Book of Philippians

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CB Barthlow

18 Course Chapters

2-hour Course

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The apostle Paul was quite simply one of the most formative leaders in the early church. He wrote nearly 2/3 of the New Testament and much of our doctrine comes from the letters he wrote to the churches he helped to start. In this examination of the book of Philippians we’ll unpack Paul’s lessons for the church in Philippi and how encourages them to experience joy no matter what the world throws at them. This is a vital lesson for every Christian believer because this world is known to deliver some pain and some suffering. Paul knew this well, when writing this letter from a Roman Prison, he helps us gain a better perspective when facing the struggles in our own life.

You will take away practical applications on how to have joy in the midst of suffering and pain.

CB Barthlow is like many of us who have had a fair share of trial or tribulation, but in his study of the book of Philippians he has found solace in knowing that through it all, our God is still on the throne and we still have the victory.

What you will learn:

The Character Traits of a Believer in Jesus Christ

Three Steps to Move From Who You Are Towards Who You Want to Be

How to Endure the Pains of Life and to Live Out the Plan God Has for You

Course Chapters

3 sections • 18 chapters • 2 hours

Course Introduction

2 minutes



Section One: Welcome Home

2 hours

Welcome Home


The Joy In Pain


We Have a Job To Do


A Strange Invitation


How Low Can You Go?


Flashing Lights


When It’s Your Time


The Heart of The Body


Open Eyes & Open Hands


The Hard Road of Faith


Just Keep Swimming


You Are Your Friends


The Crown of Community


Think About This


Out of Context


Give Some Momentum


Course Conclusion

1 minutes

There Is Still Joy In Pain: A Walk Through The Book of Philippians Conclusion


Your guide, CB Barthlow

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