The TRAUMA you don't allow JESUS to transform will HURT OTHERS! | Duane White | The Basement w- Tim Ross

Tim talks all things spiritual warfare, racism, miracles, & more with Duane White!

Notes: 6:10 Duane’s birth story 9:05 Duane’s cleft lip story 21:20 Duane on miracles & signs 27:47 John 6 29:00 Duane on the end of the world 36:00 People are putting Donald in Jesus story 45:36 Witness can obscure withness 52:00 Privilege 54:20 Duane on theological fallacy 57:00 Alexander the Great 1:06:29 Colossians 11 1:10:19 “The trauma that I don't allow Jesus to transform - I will transfer to others” 1:15:15 BIG T TRUTH 1:20:40 Disregualtion vs regulation 1:26:20 I got tools in my toolbox & I’m using them 1:35:06 Churches have become bunkers 1:41:44 Jesus on the cross and still remained regulated 1:50:58 People volunteer to do things God never asked them to do 1:54:35 Duane asks Tim about a video about a black man getting arrested for no reason. | Why is being a sheep a bad thing? 2:01:30 There are levels to color 2:03:45 Inquire more than accuse 2:09:09 Mirrors are used for flaws 2:11:24 Can’t speak on what I don't experience. Duane on how he can’t speak on child bearing 2:18:23 Jesus flipped a table ONE time and at His FATHER’S HOUSE 2:20:40 Signs are like easter eggs. God doesn’t hide them from us - He hides them for us. 2:26:00 Duane makes Tim cry. (Encouraging moment) 2:27:00 THERE IS GOLD IN THE BASEMENT!

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