UNCUT: Michael Todd on Losing Friends, Getting Called OUT, & Your NEW SEASON!

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22:00 Ps. Mike on brotherhood

23:06 Buffers vs blockades

28:10 Check your inventory. Do you know your inner circle? You’ll know them by what they bear

29:59 Will you bleach/clean out the relationships that are toxic?

31:23 “You like transactions”. Acquaintances vs needful relationships

34:31 Father/Son vs Brotherhood

36:19 Jesus released brothers. The Apostles was a brotherhood. They were released two by two

40:02 Mike on working with Bri

41:38 Some of these n**** need to be uncles or spiritual cousins

44:34 “Because I said so” don’t work no more

46:23 Tim on spiritual amway

52:00 The blessing is in PSALM 1!

53:31 Did you really hear God or did you do it selfishly?

54:30 “If they just trusted me they would have gotten more”

57:00 Mike encouraging pastors to unlearn their “tithing” messages. TRUST & TEACH

59:00 Tim’s cheat code: go to the bathroom

1:00:11 The Bible tells us to give out of compulsion

1:02:07 Are you skipping due process?

1:04:25 “I’m not Mike & he’s not me”

1:05:50 God blesses the real you not who you pretend to be

1:06:58 Mike on stopping examples for a year

1:08:36 Are you committing to the person God has called you to be?

1:09:00 Mike addresses the talk about his jewelry

1:14:30 Tim on his boys suits. “Me is enough”

1:19:00 Mike on his High School experience

1:20:20 They bold in ATL

1:21:50 Get out of your space. The world is so BIG! “When you get exposed- you will walk in confidence.”

1:24:30 You will find out more about God when you see the world

1:26:44 Are you triggered because you’re frustrated that you’re not free like they are?

1:28:24 - 2 Peter 3:15-16

1:33:00 Ephesians 6 - armor of God is front facing not the back

1:37:57 If you want impact you will have to be exposed

1:40:16 Tim on his wine green room experience

1:55:00 Tim raps. “AT THAT TIME”

2:16:30 Mike on Overflow albums

2:35:50 the effort is my job & God’s job is outcome

2:40:50 What am I suppose to do?

2:41:58 If you don’t do something with your gifting, God will bless someone else

2:46:34 Do what God told you to do. Stop trying to get validation from others & basing it on income

2:48:20 Tim on his album from early 2000’s

2:53:42 Romans 15:13

3:02:38 Satan is content with Kanye’s album sitting as #1

3:05:41 Greedy business people

3:06:00 Tim pays for B-Side subscription

3:10:40 Work ethic = sweat equity

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