Carl & Laura Lentz open up (here’s what happened)

It's time to turn the lights on. The last four years have been a whirlwind of heartbreak, devastation, healing, & restoration. I, Carl Lentz, am beyond excited to have a space where we can all turn on the lights & address our darkness. Join me for episode 1- let me know how it speaks to you.

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0:00 - Introduction 2:04 - Getting Back Up Again, Laura Asks Carl Some Questions 7:45 - Why The Wait? 13:43 - Trouble? 15:42 - Documentary Regrets? 18:43 - Who Is At Fault Here? Second Chances 27:16 - What About The Kids: How Each Child Processed It All 35:00 - Who Is At Fault Here? (Continued) 36:58 - What's The Real Story? 38:44 - Living With Lies And Preaching With Secrets 43:45 - Why Stay? Why Forgive? 52:32 - Laura's Work: What She Had to Do To Heal 57:52 - What Carl Preached: Was It All A Lie? 1:01:30 - Conclusion

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